My name is Samuel Taylor.  It is my desire to help people to know what the Bible actually says.  Many people say many things about the Bible, but very few people actually take a close look at the actual text of the Bible, and actually understand what the Bible says itself.  I hope to expound for you the text in a way that you will clearly see that, “Yes that is exactly what the text is saying.”

I prefer to use the King James, but I have not found that the other modern versions disagree  with the meaning of the passages of the King James although some may leave some important verses and words out.  I believe that God intended for His “words” to be our focus because the words carry the intended meaning of the Author.  I am not an expert in the original languages of the Bible, but it is my understanding that the King James was translated from a very accurate text which agrees with the majority of manuscripts, and it is a literal translation of the “words” from these manuscripts despite what some modern scholars may claim.

My primary focus will be on the New Testament because it is a new covenant which Jesus has established which applies to us today.  The New Testament, however, constantly appeals to the Old Testament to establish the basis for the New Testament teachings.  Therefore, the Old Testament will be discussed frequently as well.

I hope this blog will be a blessing!  I plan to post every once in a while.  Not too often to overload you, but often enough to try to be a help and a blessing to you.  May the Lord lead you, guide you, bless you, and keep you!



  1. Thank you! That’s very kind. Your poems are very good as well. I can tell you put a lot of work into them.

  2. Mrs. Nancy L. Cavey · · Reply

    I enjoy your posts as I find such fellowship. I, too, value the KJV and it is my version of choice, though it is helpful to read the other versions to compare, sort of as commentaries. Yes, your blog is a blessing.

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